Hi, I'm a Software Engineer based in Indonesia. I used to be working as a cloud engineer at one of the biggest telco companies in Indonesia. After two years of working, I decided to shift my career as a frontend engineer since I was interested in UI/UX design, while I think web app development is getting more interesting from time to time.

I found that the frontend area is always evolving and constantly changing, also we are living in the Information Age that many platforms or services have their web apps where visual and interaction design have a significant role to its users.

I combine ideas, creativity, and problem solving to achieve a great user experience. I enjoy spending my time to learn something new by reading books or articles, and sometimes I play video games too.

Work Experience

Software Engineer - Web
Quipper Ltd.

November 2022 - Present

Joined the global product development team in the loyalty squad that focused on increasing user engagement and user learning motivation.

Software Engineer - Enterprise

November 2020 - November 2022

Worked on the enterprise platform team that focused on creating internal platform tools in the commercial area, value chain integration, and payment scaling. My responsibility is creating an architecture for the frontend web app and developing it as well

Frontend Engineer

March 2019 - November 2020

Switched career to software engineering. I developed a white-label Robo advisor product, and financial consulting services and got my first experience creating a web app from scratch until launched

Research Assistant
Telkom Indonesia

April 2017 - March 2019

My first job as a cloud infrastructure engineer, help the company conduct research the cloud computing areas, designing and developing cloud architecture as proof of concept along with creating web apps for managing the infrastructure

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